India's Best Logistics Company

Sensible Logistics is a full-service logistics company with operations throughout India. It provides freight forwarding, contract logistics, warehousing, and supply chain solutions to link your company to suppliers and markets throughout India. FTL/LTL are available to transport your goods. Alongside, we provide modern-age warehousing and distribution for your inventory.

Sensible Logistics is the most creative logistics firm located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, & aiming to deliver a complete logistics solution. Customs clearance and brokerage services to ensure the seamless operation of your freight. We are a leading technology industry and solutions give insight away to the detailed level, increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and reducing risk in your supply chain. 

Sensible Logistics was incorporated in 2021 by Mr. Prabhat Kumar Singh.

Services Based on the Customer: We manage to ship for corporations and organizations to obtain items from the manufacturer or producer and deliver them to the consumer or final contact person.

Extensive Experience: We value our clients’ time and, as a result, following shipping deadlines. To a specific end, we handle our shipments in such a way that we move either ahead of or on time.
Door-StepTransport Services: We can give door-to-door delivery since we manage road transportation. As a result, we may deliver the customer’s package to their houses.
Cost-effective Solutions: We try to keep costs under control while managing the entire end-to-end logistics of your shipment. We simplify logistics company which try to provide services at affordable prices for our clients.


Establish long-term client connections by increasing distribution process efficiency through creative and cost-effective logistics solutions of persistent quality and high standards.


We want to be known as the logistics industry’s leading light. We aim to build Sensible Logistics as the most firmly established global logistics and supply chain management organization, serving as a reliable partner to all of our clients. Every year, we hope to improve our performance and client loyalty.


We will internalize a customer-centric & people-centric workplace culture that represents a constructive, result-oriented, zero conflict & problem-solving mindset toward exceeding organizational goals. Through good synchronization with corporate policies & guidelines & unwavering focus on continual improvement to defeat our self-created milestones of unrivaled, most technologically advanced service quality, consistently striving towards market dominance.


We provide our customers with cutting-edge logistics solutions, allowing them to focus on their core competencies. Our company also offers the most value to businesses at every level, from providing world-class storage support to assuring on-time delivery of goods wherever in India.


Since its origin, road transportation has been the foremost supplier of freight. We have an in-house transportation crew that handles delivery 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, don’t be concerned about your goods. It will be delivered to its location by our vehicles.

Via door to door services
Ability to adapt to changing business requirements
Inexpensive solutions
On-time delivery
Using cutting-edge technologies to boost efficiency.